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General Information

The POLIS project stands for Decision support tools and policy initiatives in support of a universal design of buildings. POLIS started on January 1, 2004 and is funded by the Commission of the European Communities under the PRIORITY 8.1 (Policy Oriented Research) program (Proposal no. FP6- 500862 ,,Contract number: FP6- 50086 22).

For more understanding about the project, we advise you to have a look to "The vision of the POLIS project"  (English version - French version)

The project main goals can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide for a detailed analysis of the economics, i.e., costs and benefits associated to accessibility and to use this information to develop a decision support system, called hereafter a Decision Support System for a Universal Building Design (DSS.UBD), aiming at the well-founded evaluation of various building design scenarios, with the long run goal to increase the cost efficient uptake of Universal Design by society and to provide for a drastic enhancement of the quality of life of people with special needs (disabled, ageing, children, etc.)
  • To address the relevance of the proposed solutions within the existing EU/ member country policy instruments and to suggest practical means of integration within existing or, very likely, newly required policy instruments, towards the ultimate goal of an "accessibility for all" EU standard. Also, to investigate the means and modalities by which such a specification can lead to the development of a EU wide certification scheme/label, with regard to building universal design.
  • To disseminate the results towards diverse audiences (EU and member state authorities, designers, engineers, product developers, etc.) and to identify business opportunities in terms of new-era assistive technologies and services.